5 Gorgeous Retro Fridges

retro fridge

Retro is trendy. A lot of people buy vintage clothes or antique furniture. It’s no surprise then that we see more and more retro fridges in kitchens around the world. These refrigerators act as real eye-catchers because of their funky colors and unique design. It doesn’t matter if you have a contemporary kitchen or a very modern one; retro fridges fit anywhere. If you’re planning on buying a retro fridge, you should check out these 5 gorgeous models.

Big Chill

big chill retro fridge

Big Chill has a great collection of retro refrigerators. They combine a vintage old-school look with modern technology. All their models have a stamped metal body, authentic chrome trim and they’re frost free. If you want you can check the ‘interior ice maker’ option box.

For more information, visit the Big Chill website.

Vintage Fridge Company

vintage fridge company

A fridge doesn’t get more retro than this. Actually, this is no surprise if you company is called ‘the vintage fridge company’. They are specialized in the refurbishment and supply of vintage refrigerators. All of their models are fully guaranteed and can be shipped worldwide.

You’ll find more information about the renovation process and the company here.


smeg retro fridges

If you can’t get enough of the 50′s, this fridge is a must-have! The exterior might look like it’s more than 50 years old, but the interior has all the latest technology for a top performance and high levels of energy efficiency.

These retro fridges comes in 10 different colors; from a subtle cream to lime green. Every model also has a small icebox for convenience.

You can get more information about the Smeg fridges on their Amazon.


gorenje retro fridge

These Gorenje fridges are the perfect combination between old and new. They would fit in a modern kitchen as well as in a more classic kitchen. They come in every color imaginable. Simple black or vibrant orange… the choice is yours.

Visit Gorenje website for the full range.


elmira retro fridge

The Northstar line from Elmira is a perfect fit for a contemporary or modern kitchen. You can choose between 9 pre-determined colors or create your own. And just like all the other models on this page, they have a vintage look on the outside but all the latest tech on the inside.

Want to know more? Visit the Elmira website.

7 comments on “5 Gorgeous Retro Fridges

  1. Aloha! We live in Southern California. We have a white, 1957 O’Keeffe & Merritt 2-oven, 2-broiler, 4-burner, griddle-in-the-middle stove that is the centerpiece of our kitchen. She is a chrome 50′s beauty! We need to replace our refrigerator — and want something with a 50′s look but all of the modern conveniences. Our current refrigerator is 36-inches wide, 30-inches deep, and 68-inches tall. Measuring out from the back wall, it extends 10.5-inches past the face of the cabinet it is located next to. If our refrigerator’s handles were on the left side, it wouldn’t have to extend past the cabinets and our kitchen would look bigger. What kind of retro, 50s-style white refrigerators do you have? Please advise.

    • I just purchase big chill frig and 6 burner stove. Well purchased in Nov it is now May and have not got stove yet they said 8 week del. the frig came in but it will not freeze repair man been out 3 times they say they are going to replace frig. Nothing but trouble with this company. If I had to buy again would not go with big chill. The drawers also want to fall out of the fridge.

  2. I’ve heard the Big Chills are really good refrigerators and I agree the Elmira is the best looking. The Smeg’s and Gorenje would make a great option for an apartment or just a couple. They are too small for a family unless used as a second refrigerator for storing beverages and overflow.

  3. in the last picture with the green fridge… what is the brand of the water dispenser next to the fridge? I NEED IT. i’m in love with it and have been looking everywhere for a product like that. please please email me and let me know

  4. The big chill is pretty but I have had nothing but trouble with big chill appliances, if u but these u better plan for many days off work. I have had to take off work about 7 times to meet delivery people ( wrong stove, damaged stove, and repair men for the frig) waiting for good frig to be delivered, if you purchase big chill I hope u have better luck than me. Once they have your money they gotcha nothing to do but wait. I have been waiting since Nov for a stove still do not know when it will ship to me. Go with another brand. Even if u have to go with the GE retro model and paint it

  5. I loved the Smeg, but read nothing but awful user reviews. I also love the Gorenje, but haven’t found if they are available to be sold in the states yet. Does anyone know?

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